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Automatically swap web banners with other websites for free!

Join our free banner exchange network and you can earn free banner advertising with your website, blog, forums, or other web pages. This can help with promoting, branding, and increasing the visitors and traffic to your website. You can start earning free banner impressions for displaying your ads on our network immediately.

Just register a free Exchange Account, upload your banners (using our Ads Wizard), and add the exchange code to your web pages. Then we will do the rest by displaying and swapping your advertisements throughout our network of websites.

If you just want to sponsor advertising, with your own paid ad banners, and don't want to enter exchange advertising, just click on Advertise in the drop down Join Us menu link above. Everyone is catered for.

We currently support the following banner sizes: 468x60, 234x60, 125x125, 160x300, 250x250, and 88x32. Feel free to suggest other sizes you may wish to support.

We also support the following display categories: Business, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health, Other, Personal and Recreation. Feel free to suggest other categories or sub-categories you may wish to support.

We provide a simple and easy to use free 4:3 banner exchange (for every 4 banners displayed on your site your get 3 banners displayed on our networked sites for free). Our growing network consists of a wide range of different family friendly websites that cover a lot of categories and niches. We welcome you to join us if you have a family friendly site that has appropriate content.

Our services can be useful for webmasters that are looking for free website advertising and branding to help increase website traffic and visitors.

We are just getting started and will be giving away thousands of extra free impression credits to active members. Members can also earn an extra 2000 impressions for each new active member you refer to our site with your affiliate link. You also earn 50% of any banner advertising spend that your referral makes. Plus many other benefits.

English language websites, content, and ads preferred. Geo-targeting can be enabled if more than 3 sites from a specific non-English country joins - just contact us if you want to support a non-English speaking country.

All websites and banners in our network must be suitable/appropriate for all audiences and ages. So please do not try to use our service to promote and advertise websites that are inappropriate or contain questionable content.

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